Our website is direct sales authorized by all brand factories. On the premise of ensuring quality, you can spend less money to buy the sex doll you want.

Since 2019, we have visited many doll factories and shops, participated in many brand exhibitions, and selected high-quality products from many products for online sales. Our products have full body dolls, torso dolls, leg dolls, partial organs and other styles, which can meet people’s needs in various price ranges. Here, you don’t have to worry about not being able to buy what you want with your budget. In addition, there are sexy clothes, storage boxes, cleaning supplies, etc., which can meet all your buying needs.

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We have warehouses in Los Angeles, Europe, the Netherlands, Asia, Japan, Korea and China. Our products are sold all over the world, supporting global logistics and distribution.When buying a full-body doll, it also includes wigs, cleaning supplies, talcum powder, underwear, etc.

The current solid dolls on the market are mainly divided into two materials: TPE and silicone. Our doll uses medical grade TPE/silicone resin and metal frame. For people who are new to sex dolls, how should they choose? Let us tell you.

TPE dolls feel softer than silicone, but because they are too soft, it is difficult to outline realistic skin textures. Therefore, dolls without silicone in appearance are more realistic, while tpe dolls are more suitable for customers who pay attention to hand feel and cost-effectiveness. Although silicone dolls are also very soft, they are harder than TPE.The doll sculptor can imitate the pores, blood vessels and other details of the human body to create realistic dolls, and can reuse them more often. Therefore, the cost of all silicone dolls will be much higher than TPE.

Our sex dolls are based on 1:1 real characters. Their body shape and structure are as similar as possible. In addition, we have many different body shapes to choose from.Here you can buy the existing dolls in the picture, or you can contact customer service to buy custom dolls. Our customer service online time is: 20:30, US time-5:00 the next day (due to the different time differences between countries, you can also pass Customer service mailbox to give us a message: [email protected])

The following is a reference picture of our body to choose from.