FaQs. General Information

1.Are your website and products authentic?

Yes, our website is built and maintained by dedicated personnel. We visited many factories and saw countless authentic dolls, and the products we finally chose were reliable. There are more than ten authorized direct sales brand suppliers, there are no other redundant intermediate distributors, and the prices are reasonable and moderate.

2.Why the sex doll I received is different from the picture?

The sex dolls we sell only contain bodies and bald heads. Gifts are randomly distributed, including wigs, underwear or cleaning supplies. The doll shown on the Internet is complete. They have matching costumes, hair and other props with different visual effects. In fact, the height and face of the doll you received are the same. You can also match sex dolls with different outfits and hairstyles.

3.Why can’t I contact online customer service?

Fans of our website come from all over the world. Due to the different time in different places, online response may not be timely. Our customer service is online: 20:30, US time-5:00 am the next day.

4.How long does it take to ship after purchase? Where did the goods come from?

After successfully creating the order, we will have 1-3 days to prepare the goods to be inspected, packaged and customized. After about 3 days, upload the logistics order number, and you can view the relevant transportation information online. The transportation time is usually 5-10 days, under special circumstances (for example: due to bad weather, customs inspection, congestion at the unloading port and the impact of the new coronavirus in certain areas, etc.).

We have warehouses in Los Angeles, Europe, the Netherlands, Asia, Japan, Korea and China. Some products can be shipped directly locally, while others are shipped in China and Japan. (Each warehouse has different inventory. We will allocate and ship according to the actual inventory quantity, and we do not accept delivery from designated warehouses.)

5.How to customize your own sex doll?

The items that can be customized for our dolls are: skin color, vaginal depth, anal depth, heating, standing or not standing, if you have special requirements, you can contact online customer service. The default output is the skin tone on the model picture and the size corresponding to the height you choose.