Adam’s 3 Inch Penis Extension



Handing you or a penis owning partner a super-lifelike, easy-on Extension with plenty of detail and a firm 3 Inch tip,? Adam’s Extension will instantly add some filling length and thickness to a cock (or dildo) of choice, plus, it can?help prevent a too-fast finish. Pretty sure no one will be upset about that!

Slipping easily over the shaft, the sleeve stretches easily to cover the majority of your/their shaft, depending on individual size, of course. Very full in terms of coverage, the 3 Inch naturally protects the sensitive penis tip from over-stimulation. Pliably stretchy and extremely comfortable, the Extension slides on easily with just a little lube. Trim it to fit, if needed

In stretchy, body safe TPE (elastomer), Adam’s 3 Inch Penis Extension is easy to clean before and after playtime with some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. If you’ll be using a lube, please stick with a favorite water based formula.?* Adam’s Extension is 9.25″23.5cm long, 2″/5.08cm wide and 6.25″/16cm penetrable.

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