Boundless Rope 37.75’/10m in Yellow



Soft, super strong and above all, seriously playful, CalExotic’s Boundless Rope neatly, sexily and comfortably holds your mate in whichever (consensual!) compromising position suits the scenario, all without sacrificing security.

Great looking and (we can’t stress this enough!) extra soft, all 37.5′ (10M) of silky yellow rope comes to you in a durable cotton poly blend. From the most intricate knot work to the simplest of loops, it holds its shape – as well as your playmate – very, very well without slipping or tightening up.?

Inspired by the art of Shibari rope bondage, the Boundless Rope can take the place of or complement tons of play gear. Use it to bind up the wrists and ankles, fashion it into a hog-tie shape, wrap it over eyes as a blindfold, or loop it over around wrists/ankles and bedposts or looped around a headboard or bedposts. Playtime perfection!

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