Hot Selling 3d Love Dolls With Long Blonde Hair


Order notice:
1. The sex doll was made immediately after ordering. The production time is 3-5 days.
2. You will receive it about 20-45 days after delivery. (Customized products cannot be cancelled after they are made. Our price is the lowest price of the brand agent.)
3. Products include bald heads and bare bodies. Wigs, blankets and combs will be provided as gifts.
4. If there is any quality problem, we will serve you wholeheartedly and solve it for you.

Height 135cm 163cm
Bust 83cm 105cm
The Waist 45cm 52cm
Hips 81cm 113cm
Depth Of The Mouth 10cm 11cm
Depth Of The Vagina 18cm 18cm
Depth Of The Anus 12cm 15cm
Net weight 24kg 56kg
weight after packaging 32kg 60kg