Hot Selling Sex Dolls With Long Blonde Hair


Sex dolls need to be transferred and sent and will be delivered to you within 25 to 45 days

Height 135cm 140cm 145cm 150cm 158cm 168cm
Bust 71cm 73cm 78cm 80.5cm 82cm 81.5cm
The Waist 42cm 46cm 52cm 52cm 50cm 50cm
Hips 75cm 75cm 75cm 78cm 77cm 80cm
Depth Of The Mouth 10cm 10cm 10cm 10cm 11cm 11cm
Depth Of The Vagina 18cm 15.5cm 16cm 16cm 18cm 18cm
Depth Of The Anus 12cm 14.5cm 13cm 13cm 15cm 15cm
Net weight 22.5kg 24kg 26.5kg 29kg 32kg 33.5kg
weight after packaging 27kg 30kg 34kg 34kg 36kg 40kg