Long Hair Female Full Body Mini Doll For Men Tpe Sex Doll

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Order notice:
1. The dolls are on sale this week, the price will increase next week, and the spot quantity is limited.
2. This doll has been replenished in the US warehouse, and it will be shipped within 48 hours of purchase. The transportation time is 3-7 days. 7-15 days for international transportation in other countries.
3. The dolls shipped are naked, without clothes and wigs, but we will randomly give away similar wigs and supplies. If you have any questions, please contact the after-sales customer service mailbox [email protected]

Height 100CM 110CM 125CM
Upper Bust 62.5 64 62
Under Bust 41 42 47
The Waist 40 38 39
Hip 60 59.5 63
Neck 20 21 23
Shoulderwidth 20 21 25
Arm Length 31 32 37
Thigh Length 21 20 21
Thigh Girth 32 35 32
Leg Length 21 24 30
Palm 12 13 12
Foot Long 15 18 14
Weight 13 15 17
Depth Of The Mouth 9 9 9
Depth Of The Vagina 15 15 15
Depth Of The Anus 10 10 10
Weight 15 17 20
Package Size 92*28*22 97*32*23 113*34*26
The above content is that the various data of the doll may have some errors due to different measurement methods, which is purely normal.


Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Long Hair Female Full Body Mini Doll For Men Tpe Sex Doll

  1. jessica crouch

    1: The workmanship of the joints is also very meticulous. It is also very convenient to bend your arms and raise your legs.

  2. Debra Leonard

    A trusted brand, the craftsmanship and processing details are very good, the head features are very beautiful, the body proportions are good, and I have dressed perfectly and comfortable. I think life will bring a lot of fun and companionship afterwards.

  3. Karen Weagle

    I have no words to describe her. Marvelous, perfect, amazing. The touch, how manageable it is, but above all, the pleasure it can give you. If you are thinking of buying a doll, this is the place. Easy, discreet and with a wonderful result. 100/100

  4. Larry McCarthy

    She is perfect, I don’t need to watch porn to have sex with her. She turns me on !

  5. Karen Griffis

    Never been a to doll kind of guy but after giving this a try,I am very pleased with the size, shape, and feel of the item.Incredible texture of the real doll.

  6. Bryan

    I wanted some maniquin so when no one was home it looked like some one was still there plus i can have some “fun” when my gfs not around

  7. FullSpeedFWD

    I had some slight payment issues with my payment seemingly not going through, the seller was communicative and eventually we were able to determine my payment did go through. My doll was shipped less than a week later and arrived within 3 days. I am very happy with the purchase, she is very cute and I was able to dress her up in an adorable outfitRead more about review stating Beyond Happy with my purchase. I love just seeing her in my room, she adds a layer of cuteness that wasn’t there before! 5 stars, would purchase again and if you are on the fence I highly recommend buying a doll. You won’t regret it.

  8. Lindsey Boatright

    I love the doll feel great for pleasure and for a sleeping buddy. Just 1 question tho what is her pantie size?


    It’s a great experience, it’s a good size, and it’s not too heavy. The skin is smooth and elastic. This is one of my favorites this year. The price is very cheap.

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