Master Series Crowned Magnetic Nipple Clamps



All hail the king of nipple play! This nothing-if-not-majestic stainless steel set from the Master Series was definitely designed to be noticed (and felt!). Pinching your or your partner’s nipples extra tight via super-powered magnetic points, these sexy metal crowns hold secure through flicking, tugging and beyond.?

First off, these magnets are extremely strong! Please be careful. To get the into position, pull the magnetic middle bar into two pieces, position the Crown over your or your playmate’s nipple, then SLOWLY join the magnets back together over the peak of the nipples(s) in question.? Reviewers have noted that an erect nipple works best, so use whatever means necessary to prime ’em up first.?

Once in place, the clamps hang on tight for a stimulating pressure that’s been described as intense, and probably more suited to experienced users.? Fans of temperature play will adore the Crowned Magnetic Nipple Clamps, as the body safe stainless steel warms quickly to body heat and can be warmed or cooled more dramatically pre-play.

* Each?Crowned Magnetic Nipple Clamp is 1.4″/3.6cm in diameter?and .7″/1.8cm high. The inner magnetic?bar diameter is .2″/.5cm.

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