Nipple Grips 4-Point Weighted Nipple Press Clamps in Black



When it comes to nipple clamps, rest assured that you’ll always have tons of exciting options. You’ve got your standard alligator clamps, some clamps vibrate, others are spring loaded – our point is that your/your partner’s nipple play possibilities are nearly endless. If you’re after a unique pair with a (heavy!) twist, CalExotics has you and your nipples covered with the Nipple Grips 4-Point Weighted Nipple Press Clamps.

Fully adjustable by design, these clamps are super-easy to customize in terms of tension. Position one of the four screws around a nipple, then twist the beaded tips to close. Here comes the twist – there’s a heavy weighted sphere dangling from the base of each. The wearer, whether it’s you or your partner, will definitely notice!

To warm or chill your Nipple Grips, pop them in some heated or icy water for a few minutes pre-play. The stainless steel will hold your chosen temperature for a good long while.

The stainless steel and PVC Nipple Grips 4-Point Weighted Nipple Press Clamps are easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam.?

* Each clamp is 4″ /10.25cm in total?length, including weights. Each clamp weighs approximately 1.5oz/43.5g.??

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