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Love sensation of nipple stimulation but find clamps a little too intense? Meet the Nipple Suction Bulb. This little suction tool will pull and tug at your/their nipple(s) with absolutely no pinch involved.??

Slipping securely over a nipple (or other outer erogenous zones), the Bulb’s firm little opening surrounds even the smallest sweet spot. Once in position, simply squeeze the purple bulb to activate suction. Inner pressure will draw skin up through the cylinder, stimulating nerve endings and encouraging firming blood flow.?

To keep sensitivity and perkiness going for longer, slip one of the four included silicone O rings over the opening beforehand, and slide it over your/their nipple afterward.

In firm, extra hygienic ABS plastic, the Suckers are easy to clean with soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam.

*Each Sucker is approximately 4″/10.2cm long and? about 1.1″/2.8cm in diameter

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