Ouch! Army Themed Ankle Cuffs



We’re going to go ahead and assume that your cuff collection is pretty exciting already. But if you’ve been craving a little more style when it comes restraining your partner’s ankles, never fear! Shots Ouch! Army Themed collection presents a super-sexy pair that’ll have them (or you) captivated in no time flat.

In a unique artsy camo print, the Ankle Cuffs cuffs circle your/their ankles oh-so-securely, holding legs immobile and at a partner’s (consensual!) mercy. You’ll be able to clip the cuffs together using attached hardware, or connect up with tons of compatible gear. However you choose to play, the adjustable strap around each can be tightened up or loosened to fit just right.

In PVC, neoprene, nylon and metal, the Ouch! Army Themed Ankle Cuffs can be spot cleaned as needed.?

* The Ouch! Army Themed Ankle Cuffs 11.4/29cm band adjusts?to fit most.??

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