Skulls & Bones Skulled & Spiked Female Harness



There are definitely, 100%, absolutely lines in life that should never be crossed! When it comes to the line(s) between fashion and play-gear though, we say, cross away! And with that, please meet Skulls & Bones Skulled & Spiked Female Harness.

Seriously great looking and ready to play hard, the Harness buckles securely around your/their neck in sexy choker style and around back, positioning breast accenting bands?over the chest. Aside from some signature bad-assery in the form of spiky rivets and gunmetal colored skull decals, the?Skulls & Bones Skulled & Spiked Female Harness features a sturdy O-ring at the front. Connect it to tethers, leashes, cuffs – whatever suits the mood – or connect nothing at all and sport the Harness as a head-turning accessory.

Adjustable straps let you customize the fit perfectly. Spot clean the bonded black leather and metal decals as needed. Fits most.

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