Tiny Bound To You Wrist Cuffs Online Sale



I try to squirm but I can barely move, and it makes the torture all the more intense…

Your cuff collection is probably pretty exciting already, and we’d never suggest otherwise! However, if, by some amazing chance,? you’ve been craving just a little more luxury when it comes to wrist restraint, never fear! The official Fifty Shades of Grey Bound To You Wrist Cuffs presents a super-sexy lockable pair that’ll have you or your playmate captivated in no time flat.

In midnight black faux leather, the Bound To You Wrist Cuffs will circle your/their wrists oh-so-securely, holding arms immobile and at a partner’s (consensual!) mercy. Thicker than average and super-supple, they can be connected together via a short length of golden chrome chain, plus, a big D ring on each can hook up with just about any bondage gear you already own and love.

Spot-clean as needed. Fits most. Eco-friendly manila packaging is as pictured. Satin Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag included.