Tiny Diamond Blackout Blindfold Online Sale



When it comes to your play gear, whether it’s cuffs, a harness, a hogtie or a classic blindfold, design is definitely important. You want something made to play as hard as you can, something that’ll help fulfil your bound-up fantasies, right? Sometimes, though, you also want something that looks spectacular, too. Thanks to the Diamond Collection by Whip Smart, and the Diamond Blackout Blindfold, to be specific, you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for brawn!?

We know that toy collections, pleasure chests and sexy bedside table drawers come in all shapes and sizes, with any number of playthings waiting inside. But if we’re being honest, your collection might be lacking juuuust a tiny bit if you don’t have a really great blindfold. If this is you, not to worry! Whip Smart to rescue with the classic Blindfold.?

Aside from plunging your partner (or having them plunge you) into the darkness of anticipation, the Blindfold obscures you from the wearer, or them from you, making sexy surprises possible. Then of course, there’s the fact that removing one sense heightens the others – something that will definitely come in handy during foreplay and sex! Secure it over your/their eyes using a soft and stretchy elastic strap.?

Spot clean as needed. Fits most.