Tiny Diamond Deluxe Hogtie Online Sale



Helping you or your partner get into (and stay in) one of the most playful compromising positions out there, Whip Smart’s Diamond Deluxe Hogtie is extra versatile and definitely made to play hard.?

Fixed in a classic cross shape, four short straps connect to four glossy gunmetal clamps via sturdy D-rings. The clamps, in turn, connect to the four included diamond-pattered cuffs, or others you may already own – as long as there’s an O or D-ring involved, you’re good to go!?

The cuffs can be used in any combination, securing your/their wrists and ankles together, or one wrist to one ankle and so on. If you want to go classic, the traditional hog tie position involves both wrists and both ankles held close together behind or in front of you or your playmate. Each cuff has lots of room for adjustment, making this rugged pleasure kit perfect for anyone.?