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Tiny Fascinator Velvish Throw Online Sale


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Honestly, if sex were prim and proper, always neat and tidy, it would be pretty boring, right? Sex is supposed to be fun, and freeing, and positive and orgasmic! Sometimes, it’s also messy. This absolutely gorgeous throw blanket by Liberator lets you, as they say; ‘save the sheets for sleeping’ and get as down and dirty as you like.

Spread the fluffy purple Throw over your bed, couch, carpet or backseat and play without a care. A special absorbent layer beneath the velvety softness whisks away any trace of lube, fluids or massage oils, protecting the surface underneath like magic.?

The Throw is waterproof and washable, so when you’re satisfied (for the time being!), you can simply toss it in the machine. 72×54″ (1.8×1.4m).