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Tiny Intimina Ziggy Cup Flat Fit Menstrual Cup Online Sale


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Neat, oh-so comfortable, and much more eco-conscious than some other options (looking at you, pads and tampons!), the Ziggy Cup Flat Fit Menstrual Cup is a convenient, progressive period solution perfect for lives on the go. Plus, you can have sex while wearing it!

In 100% body medical grade silicone, the uniquely shaped, ultra thin Ziggy Cup fits snugly and discreetly over your cervix, so neither you or your partner will feel anything other than pleasure during sex. A leak proof double rim ensures a supreme seal, and the flexible shape is easy to position it just right.?

Easy to transport as you go about your day (or night), Ziggy comes with a handy and hygienic silicone case.

Your Intimina Ziggy Cup provides up to eight hours of hassle-free period protection, depending on your flow level. Covers a light to heavier flow. Storage pouch included.