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Tiny Kink The Enforcer Paddle & Penetrator Online Sale


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Combining two kinky staples into one very impressive play piece, Kink’s The Enforcer doubles as both a stinging, sturdy spank tool and deep, filling penetrator. Two very distinct ends are up for a wide range of dominance inspired sessions, the namesake polycarbonate paddle waits at one and a ripply dildo (or handle) stands proud opposite.

In silky temperature receptive silicone, The Enforcer’s penetrator will warm up quickly in your hand or in your/your partner’s body, plus, it can be heated or cooled more dramatically pre-play. Spend some time slapping and spanking with the ultra firm poly paddle before flipping over to the dildo for some deep, pleasurable punishment.

In Doc’s premium silicone plus body safe PC (polycarbonate), The Enforcer is hypoallergenic and incredibly hygienic. Before and after playtime, rinse it well using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam.? If you’ll be using a lube with your enforcer, please choose a great quality water-based formula – avoid silicone lubes and contact with other silicone products.?

* The Enforcer is approximately 18″ (45.7cm) in total length. Feature measurements represent the dildo/handle portion.