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Pillows, in our humble opinion, are underrated! Most of us are aware that elevating our hips during sex can have certain orgasmic benefits, and we all need some position support, sometimes! Normally though, the pillows we sleep on are the first things to get tossed off the bed when things get sexy. Not the Kiss Wedge!

Specially shaped to cradle and support various ares of your or your partner’s body during sex, foreplay or toy adventures, the plushy soft Kiss Wedge marries passion to fashion. It’ll look fantastic as an accent piece on your bed or couch, plus, it has all sort of sexy uses when playtime rolls around.

Tuck the Kiss Wedge under your hips to give a partner full (and super-deep) access to your g-spot, prostate and other inner sweet spots, kneel on it during oral, or use it to support your elbows and upper body during doggie. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg (kissberg?), there are tons of possible pleasurable uses for the Kiss Wedge.

In firm, supportive high density foam with a moisture-proof poly liner and fully machine washable faux velvet zip cover, the Kiss Wedge is easy to clean and maintain. At 14″ long, 18″ wide and 7″ high, it’ll be easy to tuck under the bed if you’d like, but thanks to the gorgeous, discreet styling that passes easily for high-end bedroom decor, you’ll be proud to display your Kiss.