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Tiny Ouch! Old School Tattoo Leash & Collar Online Sale


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While we 100% agree that mindlessly following a crowd – especially when they’re obviously heading in the wrong direction – is not fantastic life strategy. BUT! Following a dominant-playing partner is a very, very good one! If you or you partner happen to need a little encouragement when it comes to following the leader, Shots designer Old School Tattoo version is a perfect solution!

Aside from doing its sexy due diligence as a classic collar and leash, this Ouch! duo just plain looks fantastic. Circling their neck in a colorful tattoo-inspired print, the collar features a handy D ring connector ready to be best friends with the included 22″ (56cm) chain link leash. The collar can be worn leash-free as an accessory too, of course.

In bonded leather and silvery metal, the?Ouch! Old School Tattoo Leash & Collar can be spot-cleaned as needed.?

* Collar fits up to approximately?7″ (18cm) of neck diameter.