Tiny Pain Real Leather Bullwhip Online Sale



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Ready to see your sub (playfully!) beg for mercy? This is the tool you need. From Shots Pain collection, the Real Leather Bullwhip isn’t messing around! Super-sturdy and featuring a far-reaching length that will make a point from across the room, this whip snaps and stings authoritatively on command.

Definitely designed with more experienced bondage players in mind, the Bullwhip takes a little practice to master- but once conquered, will add tons of intimidating satisfaction to lots of kinky scenarios. Thickest at the woven leather handle, the Bullwhip tapers down the length to a tiny triangular leather slapper and soft braided tassel.

In genuine leather, the Real Leather Bullwhip should be spot-cleaned as needed.

* The Bullwhip measures 58″/147cm in total length. The thickest diameter is .95″/2.4cm.