Tiny Pain Short Leather Braided Flogger Online Sale



There’s just one thing we have to say about the?Short Leather Braided Flogger from Shots’ Pain collection. Okay that’s not true, we have lots to say about it, but here’s the most important, courtesy of Devo: CRACK THAT WHIP!?

Although it definitely has the potential for pleasurable pain, this play tool can also feel light as a feather- it all depends on the person wielding it! Nine namesake braided tails flex and swish, they’ll tickle and tease with a soft stroke or flick and bite with a harder one. In either case, control is easy, the Short Leather Braided Flogger fits comfortably and very securely in hand thanks to a firm black handle and wrist strap.

In genuine leather, the?Pain Metal Chain Flogger should be spot cleaned as needed. Please use a good leather care product to keep it in tip top shape.

* The Pain Metal Chain Flogger?measures approximately 27.5″ (69.8cm) excluding the wrist strap.