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Tiny Whirl Sex Positioning Pillow Online Sale


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Pleasure is infinite, ever-varied, incredibly individual and, for most humans, absolutely necessary. There are zillions of toys, tools and tricks to help add lots more pleasure to your life (we sell most of them!), but when all’s said and done, it doesn’t get much better than rolling around on your very own sheets (or floor, or couch) with a playful partner, a favorite sex toy, or your limitless imagination. However you’re rolling around, Liberator’s Whirl will be there to support, stabilize, boost and cushion all sort of positions, body parts and sexy acts. Plus, there’s a discreet cuff connector on either side, perfect for when things get?real?playful.

Shaped into a long cylinder, the Whirl is essentially a specialized bolster pillow, super simple and incredibly versatile. You and/or your partner can use it to prop up your hips for easier G or P-spot access during oral adventures or toy fun, it can be slipped under or between your legs for support during side-by-side sex or self-love, under your knees to act as a pivot point for more thrust leverage – the possibilities are practically endless.

Tucked secretively into each end, you’ll find 2 discreet D ring connectors. Use them in perfect partnership with a favorite pair of wrist or ankle cuffs, satin ties or other restraint gear you own and love.?

In firm, supportive high density foam with a moisture-proof poly liner and fully machine washable faux velvet zip cover, the Whirl is easy to clean and maintain. At 36″ in length and 10″ in height and width, it’ll be easy to tuck under the bed if you’d like, but thanks to the gorgeous, discreet styling that passes easily for high-end bedroom decor, you’ll be proud to display your Whirl.